Before you start

Before you start

Please read the following before requesting access:


Call NHS 111 if you’ve returned from Wuhan and Hubei Province, China within 2 weeks.

Any travellers from other parts of China and specified areas who have developed a cough, fever, or shortness of breath with 14 days of returning are advised to call NHS 111 for advice.

Step 1: Limited Access

Submitting the form on the next page will give you limited access. With this you can book one appointment and can not order any medication

Step 2: Verify your identity in person

Your medical record includes extremely sensitive and personal information, therefore we need to verify that it is you requesting access. Your practice need to verify your identity in person before they can approve your account.

Confirming your identity

When bringing your ID to the practice please remember:

  • Bring two forms of identification
  • One form of identification must feature a photo
  • Acceptable documents include:
    • passport
    • photo driving licences
    • bank statements
  • Bills are not an acceptable document

Step 3: Full access

Once verified you will have full access to the app and the services available.